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Clonz Biotech was founded in 2010 by an experienced team of recognized leaders in biosimilar research and manufacturing.

We operate from Genome Valley, Hyderabad, India to exclusively focus on developing the biosimilar therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (MABs).

Developing therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (MABs) are at the heart of our business which is heavily people / knowledge dependent.

We are very focused on the knowledge pool and people perspective that is central to both increasing our understanding on MABs and building accessible biologics for a wider global market.

The manufacture of MABs is highly complex, requiring exceptional experience and tenacity. At Clonz we are specialists in bioengineering and creating biosimilars that improve accessibility for patients.

To achieve this we employ in house clone/product development with complete understanding and control over processes to ensure robust manufacturing.

As a result of our commitment to helping patients lives, we develop products, processes that give excellent yields, purity and are remarkably efficient compared to some larger less specifically MABs focussed organizations.

Group photo of the team at Clonz Bio, Hyderabad, India

Efficiency/speed of mass production is essential to the strategy here at Clonz.

Clonz has moved into its new facilities which will further leverage its core competency in mammalian cell line development bringing biosimilars to market in several disease therapeutic areas.

The last decade one might say has been the preparation for this coming decade which will prove to be very exciting for Clonz but also our ambition to define ourselves as leaders in the accessible biologics area.

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