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Working with us

At Clonz Bio, we are actively building partnerships that complement our expertise in biologics product development with advanced scientific capabilities.

It’s of great importance to collaborate with companies throughout the whole process of product development for successful therapeutic biosimilar monoclonal antibodies to build accessible for biologics for all.

How we operate within a partnership framework, we give reassurance to our partners that we adhere to the highest stringent standards.

A major strength that we at Clonz have is our leadership team’s experience in the vital areas necessary for developing accessible MABs. There’s a large pool of knowledge that can be called upon to tackle any project that we work on.

How we might work together

  • Our expertise includes early phase to late phase development to offer a seamless solution from the lab to the market.
  • With available skilled manpower and intelligently optimised resource planning can help us offer cost-effective drug provision.
  • Our strategic partnering approach with innovative companies, we ease the cost burden by offering both DS and DP of MABs for clinical trials and commercial production.
  • Option to work purely on a contract basis protecting the intellectual property of the clients at any or all stages of biologics development.
Clonz Bio analytical lab in Genome Valley, Hyderabad, India

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