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Research & Development

Clonz Biotech offers mammalian and microbial pharmaceutical R&D services with cGMP-enabling processes. Services include mammalian cell line development, microbial strain development through a well planned genetic engineering for efficient process advantages. Key areas include research cell bank production, process development, process optimization using statistical Design-of-Experiments (DoE), technology transfer, scaled-down model development and process characterization using a QbD framework.

Clonz Bio R&D uses the latest equipment available. Most of the equipment is under two years old, even though as a company we were founded over ten years ago.

The R&D facility has the following key departments:

  1. Molecular biology
  2. Fermentation / Cell culture
  3. Bioassay
  4. Purification
  5. QA / QC
Clonz Bio monoclonal antibodies research lab
Clonz Bio monoclonal antibodies research lab

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